Thursday, 12 March 2015

Your Financial Advisor

Since February 2013, being an Insurance Advisor (SBI) and expert in Stock Markets, I am here to guide you on how to manage Money (holdings) in right way to establish secure financial conditions.

You all aware of the phrase ' Dress makes a Man', but "Money makes you Real Person". Most of us esp. middle class society are poor in savings. Our basic regular needs like Food, Home-Rent, Electricity Bills, Groceries (Commodities), Petrol expenses, Child-education , etc. consumes more than half of our Salary i.e in Monthly Income. So, We fail to plan for tomorrow. We only realize when we are in critical condition, looking back not a single Penny left to spend, end up with cursing our past deeds.

Why not Plan anything / everything in advance?  Why can't we Start now saving a little amount whatever we have today? Small contribution in Young days turn out to be Asset in Old age.

I am not here to tell you to become Rich in short-time. "Rome was not built-in a day".

First-of-all, all we require to have is 'Patience' and stop using the word 'Excuse' for trivial things. We are all used to say " I don't have time", "I won't believe in Insurance", " Risk in Share Market", "I spend too much money", "I am not Interested", "Sorry", etc.... Until unless we depend on specific continuous source of income, there is unimaginative to be Secure.

More we grow, more Risk we are bound to. None escapes death. Death comes all of a sudden. Be Prepared now. Get Pension and Life Coverage in your last days.

Let's come to the point: Properly Planing, Research Online, Take Advice and Begin Investing your little Income in Insurance; Stock areas like Equity, F/O, Mutual Funds, Bonds; Recurring (R.D) & Fixed (F.D) deposits in Banks; Advertiser zone in Affiliate marketing; Building a Website; Purchasing a Land; Starting a New Business; etc yield some-day a huge profits.

I am here to provide you 3 services :
1) Life Insurance Policy: Being a SBI Life Insurance advisor, I can guide you what plans are suitable (whether it may be Traditional or ULIPS) based on your financial conditions to achieve future goals keeping in mind of your family situations.

2) Stock Trading tips: Do you have a Demat Account? Don't worry. I will help you to open one. It costs you zero.
Based on my experience, I can suggest you on where to invest in which share or funds of companies. It may be Equity, Derivatives or Mutual Funds.
a) For each tip, I charge you just Rs. 210/- for single trade of both Buy & Sell. (It is free if you want me to trade on your behalf). {or}
b) Annual Charge of Rs. 3100/- {Me and my Brother started a 'Earnint' services}

3) Stock Investment Classes: Although there are 50 modules available in Indian Stock Market for NCFM & NISM Certification. Only 3 courses are necessary for procuring a Job in Financial institutions.
a) Capital Markets (Equities) - costs you Rs. 5000/-
b) Derivatives Markets (Future & Options) - costs you Rs, 5000/-
c) Fundamental & Technical Analysis - costs you Rs. 5000/-
d) Total 3 modules package discount Rs. 12000/-

Come forward to "Join Hands" with Me. Lets help others and help yourself - This is My Motto.

  Yours' Financial planner,
      S. Koundinya
  ( 09533791525 )
    Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

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