Friday, 13 March 2015

Smart Money Back Gold - Life Insurance

State Bank of India and Cardiff, a BNP Paribas Company, have entered into a joint venture to form SBI Life Insurance.

SBI Life - Smart Money Back Gold is a savings plan with added advantage of life cover and cash inflow at regular intervals. It is a participating traditional money back insurance plan.

 a)  Policy Name : Smart Money Back Gold;
b) Entry Age: Min = 15 Years,  Max = 55 Years;
c) Policy Term = 12/15/20/25 Yrs.;
d) Premium Mode = Monthly / Quarterly / Half-Yearly / Yearly;
e) Premium Paying Term (PPT) = Policy Term (Same as)
f)  Sum Assured = Life Insurance Coverage = 10 times the Premium Paid(calculate on Year basis).
S.NoPremiumMoney Back on 3rd Year (20%)Money Back on 6th Year (20%)Money Back on 9th Year (20%)Money Returns on 12th Year (50% + Vested Bonus)Pension/Month (Life-Long)

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